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About Us

Cloud 9 Salon and Spa consists of the best beauty parlor experts and the best stylists to treat all our customers. We have years of experience in the salon and spa business, and we know how to fully satisfy all our customers. Our salons are supported by advanced tools and technologies to further improve the quality of our services. You could rely on us on all your beauty needs, with our equipments and skills, we could perform a wide range of beauty treatments, ranging from hair care, facial care, to full spa treatment. We always place your beauty in our top priority list, so we invest in qualified experts and expensive technologies.

We always try to improve our quality services, so all suggestions from our customers are always welcome. Your health and your safety aren't something that we could compromise, so in addition to our workers skills, we also educate them to work properly and carefully in order to keep any unwanted event from happening. Our equipments are also properly maintained and repaired when needed by skillful technicians, and we ensure that our beauty products are free from any toxic and dangerous ingredients.

Our experts are ready to help you whenever you need something about your looks and appearance done. It is not a secret that everyone wants to look beautiful and gorgeous in every special occasions they attend, even though it's just a birthday party of a friend. Doing all your make-ups yourself could be disastrous sometimes, so if you're not sure about how you should look when you want to go to a special events, then we could help you to be the center of attention. We have served many celebrities so you shouldn't be worried about our competence. We'll make sure that your make-up, your hair, your style would be unmatched while keeping it as natural as possible. We're looking forward to serve you in our salons! .

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