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Welcome to the Cloud 9 Salon and Spa

Cloud 9 Salon and Spa offers various beauty treatments for you. All our beauty parlor experts are experienced and skilled workers and you could count on us for the best beauty treatment.

They are trained in both practical skills and communication skills, and they could give you some little advices here and there while doing their services. Some of beauty salons use uneducated workers for their salon, but we don't.

We only select the best students from different beauty schools and we intensively train them before they could finally work in our salon.

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Our stylists and experts could also give you advices on how you should look in case you're not very sure what is it you really want. We could give you the best tips for very important occasions, like wedding, award parties, prom nights, and concerts. We are ready to bring out the beauty in you, using the best technologies, workers, and products you couldn't find anywhere else.

Relax in our spa before doing all the treatment to fully revive your skin and further enhance your beauty! Need to look beautiful on your special days? Want to give your mom something special for her birthday? Whatever the occasion is, use Cloud 9 Salon and Spa's services for all your beauty needs!

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